Omar "Ekevoo" Balbuena (ekevoo) wrote in furrymedia,
Omar "Ekevoo" Balbuena

Discussion: How to deal with journalists?

Hi everyone,

I've been in the fandom for many years and I've seen media coverage about furry being harmful more often than not. Fortunately, the trend is changing but slower than one would like. There is a bit of a fear of journalists in the fandom that I really dislike, because many good people with good ideas just flee from them saying they're evil. As a matter of fact, the most common advice I see around on dealing with journalists is: don't.

Now... let's put this idea aside as it just feeds the misconceptions. If we do encounter the chance of dealing with journalists, what would be your advice of what to tell them, and how would you do it yourself? How would you define furry? How would you talk about yourself, how you feel, what you do, your "relationship" with your fursonas/characters? How would you talk about the fandom broadly, how you feel about your close friends, about people you don't know, about the particular aspects of the fandom you don't like?

Finally and most importantly, how to deal with all these subjects while:
(1) being honest (say things that won't be "unsaid" by the next person),
(2) being objective (say things the journalist can use), and
(3) make a good impression ("closet" furs can discover themselves out the moment they see it)?
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