Wild`Bill`TX (wildbilltx) wrote in furrymedia,

Report on Furries on Austrian TV.

(Borrowed and edited text from bigbluefox 's LiveJournal)


BBF: "The Austrian TV Station "Puls TV"...daily pop culture magazine "Metro" wanted to do a 5-minute segment about furries, and started contacting random furries in Austria. Luckily, our Austrian friends Taibu and Flutterby took the lead, in order to prevent major damage :)

The editor was lacking good footage from furry conventions, and since it's quite known that there is not much good material in the archives out there, and virtually no chance to shoot any, Cheetah and I decided them to provide them with some of my previews from the upcoming EF13 highlights DVD and allowed them to use it."

Interesting report, though I agree with BBF it's not perfect, still it's much better than the reports furries get in the USA.

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