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To Pelt_Media: I would like to OPT OUT

I cannot seem to post to Pelt_Media eventhough I joined the community there to do so, so I will post this here.

I, for one, want nothing to do with this video or anything your group will be doing in the future.

I ask that you remove anything (stills/videos/etc) of any of my fursuits (if they show up) from your video.
You can find my fursuits on my website: http://www.chameleon.net/diadexxus

I think you should give people / Fursuiters a chance to OPT-OUT of being on your videos if they didn't specifically give you the OK to be in them with a signed waiver.

Thank you very much

(anyone else annoyed that they are using video they took at Cons, without permission and apparently goinig to be selling this at other cons on DVDs?)
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