crucifox (crucifox) wrote in furrymedia,

I'm looking for some pictures ...

Okay, there was a horror movie "Pulse," which I never saw, anyway, I think it was about the Internet eating people, but that's not the point. The point is, WikiFur had a few screenshots or something from that movie in their "unused photos" list, and apparently they were never used in an article and finally deleted. See, they showed a set, and it was an apartment, I think, and their was some furry artwork in the background.

It was very obvious, in the pictures, there was a vixen and a skunk, and I would like to see them again without having to go and rent the movie and just to look for something that may have been in the movie all of less than a second. Given the theme of the movie, I wonder if the reference to furry was intentional or not. Having seen the art once before, it was definitely furry. It wasn't just random cartoon animals in the background, either. Definitely furry.

So, I don't know if anyone else on this group ever saw them, but, even if you didn't, there was furry art in the background of the movie "Pulse," and you should know that.
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