Giza aka Doug Muth (giza) wrote in furrymedia,
Giza aka Doug Muth

Some interesting furry press

This article has an interview with one of the creators of Earth Eternal. Here's a snippet:
In terms of the risk of criticism in regardes to the animal models, I’m going to guess you’re referring to the furry issue. For readers who might not be aware, furries are people who have a particular affinity for anthropomorphic (animals walking upright like people, more or less) characters.

Here’s the thing: Most people browsing around have never heard of furries. The recent Entourage episode aside, it’s just not in the mass consciousness. To most people, including to all of our team, anthropomorphic animals just means Disney or Warner Brothers.

There’s an assumption among some hardcore MMORPG fans that enjoying animal characters is an indication that you’re sexually interested in them, which I find to be ridiculous. I like Bugs Bunny. I like Puss in Boots. I like Taurens in WoW. I don’t see anything wrong with that I guess.

I'm glad to see that someone who is presumably "unbiased" is questioning some assumptions out there about furries.
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