ScardeyKitty (scardykitty1000) wrote in furrymedia,


Seems furry has gone to the big times. We have hit HBO. In the episode of Entourage that aired tonight, the main characters are in a bet to see who can get laid first. A larger guy versus a guy who can never be with someone without being emotionally attached. The large guy's wingman looks up Craig's List and finds a woman who wants someone that meets the large guy's description. After picking up a bunny suit at the cleaners they make comments about how crazy and sick the idea of doing stuff to someone in such a suit and wonder at the mental stability of someone who would be into that sorta thing. Blah blah blah stuff happens storywise and at the end the large guy can't go through with it but the wingman ends up putting the suit on and does this woman (also in suit, can't tell what) since sex is better then nothing since they will lose the bet for $5K. One possible additional problem is a radio host that enjoys this show a great deal and talks about it a lot on air. This would be Howard Stern. His sidekick Arty Lang has guest started on the show in the past and may again in the future so Entourage is a discussion topic here and there. Howard loves to talk about strange things and has recently made fun of a Star Wars convention and it's attendance. If someone dressing up like a storm trooper is reason to have such laughs as they did, I cannot imagine what someone dressed up as an animal for a sexual purpose may be. At least Entourage is on late for Stern since he goes to bed early each day to prepare for the show at 6AM Monday-Thursday so he may not have seen it yet but he normally tapes the show so even if it is avoided tomorrow it may not be the next day.

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