Wild`Bill`TX (wildbilltx) wrote in furrymedia,

doubleviking.com At The Furry Convention!

(link borrowed from anthrocon's Live Journal)

Update: This video is now on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arhcUThfmO8


A Micheal Moore wanna-be spy reporter from a "Beef, Balls & Babes" mens entertainment website attends AC as a pseudo-fur with rented fursuit, gets the video and quotes he wants and then cobbles together the predictable and lame "look at these freaks" video with commentary. I wonder what he told people to get those interviews.

BTW I saw this guy in several AC photos and videos, why didn't anyone there figure out he was a reporter? (especially when he's doing interviews outside with a pro microphone) This could easily happen at other cons if staff and con-goers don't pay attention.
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