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Hunt Feral Cats Because They Kill Raccoons!

Before you explode into a flame war, at the bottom of this post is the Wisconsin’s Hunting Feral Cats proposal. Please read.

I really don’t like to get involved with things like this and you can see from the majority of my posts that I usually don't, but I hate misinformation more then anything (especially in politics). So below is an explanation (and a reply to diadexxus’s post on the subject) on why it’s necessary to hunt feral cats (Its not a good idea but there isn’t the money or manpower for one better):

Misconceptions about the law
The Law that is trying to be passed in Wisconsin only permits the hunting of feral & disease carrying cats in rural and wilderness areas NOT in urban neighborhoods, cities, or metropolitan areas. This sounds horrible, but the feral predatory cats are causing a dis-balancing trend in the wild ecology. Killing 8 million + birds, and forest critters that actually serve a function in nature like foxes, skunks, raccoons, coyotes, just to name four. Plus, they are carrying and delivering diseases like rabies and parasites to other animals that are already prone to get the disease through normal means causing a rise in Rabies and harmful parasites in the wild animals that most NON-furs would like to see dead, as they view them as vermin (the four named above for example). So, are you a fur that wants to see the continuing damage to an eco system full of cute furry animals, from which most furs take their phenotypes to save another cute furry animal that is hurting them?

Feral cats are not native to this continent
Another note, feral cats are not native to this continent, and were brought here by colonists as pets, and rodent hunters. Not by God or higher powers, this was caused by another level of mankind’s ignorance. The cats that now live in the wild are there because humans set them free.

This is not the first law
I also want to point out that several states already have feral cat hunting laws Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota to name three. Most animal shelters are already under funded, and over crowded, and don't have the manpower to find and catch every single feral cat causing the spread of diseases and parasites to forest animals. So, if you want to sign a petition or prevent states from having to pass laws like this, then get your state representatives to reroute funding to the humane society, and not start flame wars and misinformation about such topics. If furs would unite and use there efforts to start a petition to get that done, but otherwise if people who oppose the hunting of Feral Cats have a better idea, I'm all for it. I love raccoons, and feral cats put their lives in danger, and I don’t see a petition to save them.

Stupid People
Those of you that think laws to allow the hunting of cats will give Joe Six-pack the incentive to hunt in places illegally (like urban areas) for cats, I hate to inform you there are individuals where I live now that do that any way, usually with the bumper and tire of their truck. Also, in Wisconsin as in many other states there are laws that allow the hunting of wild feral dogs, which are identical to the one trying be passed for cats in Wisconsin. They have been on the books for decades, and I don’t see dog pelts being sold at leather stores, or people hanging trophies of dogs they have killed on their walls. I don’t see hordes of drunken red-necks going out of their way to hunt Feral Dogs. Honestly, laws aren’t going to stop stupid people from killing whatever animal or neighborhood pets they want to kill. Police rarely enforce laws to stop such actions.

Do you even live in Wisconsin?
One last note… How many of you furs out there, that are mad about this, actually live in Wisconsin? Technically, most of the Furs I’ve seen mad about this don’t live there, and it is of my understanding if you sign a petition for a state law and the name does not show up on that states voter rolls, then your name is discounted. I could be wrong about this… But my point is if you don’t live there and you are afraid for you’re cat(s), then you are misplacing you fears and efforts.

Yes I have a cat
Now before you all jump down my throat about being a cat hater, I have a male neutered cat named Thesaurus, who answers to “Shit Face,” and is the center of my world, he is also a 100% inside cat, and I love him dearly.

Please, do your research before you jump on a cause (in another state you don’t even live in), and get laws passed that may affect an ecosystem for the worse, and not the better.

Educate your selves!
Here are a few news reports, and Proposal on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website:


Star Tribune:

Complete explanation of the proposal in Wisconsin:

I apologize for getting on my soapbox, and remember we live in a democracy it is ok to agree to disagree.

Thank you
Ryngs Rakune

Note: I will ignore flamers.
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