Tom Geller (tgeller) wrote in furrymedia,
Tom Geller

Libel in today's San Francisco Examiner

It's a passing mention, but deserves redress:

"Is Ahlund aware that his CD cover mirrors a kinky sex cult whose members are known as furries?”

Information about writing letters to the editor is at the bottom of the letters page, for example here. In short:

  • Email, with a copy to; paper mail to Editorial Page Editor, The Examiner, 450 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94105; fax to 415-359-2766

  • "We give preference to letters containing fewer than 150 words. Please include name, phone number and city of residence."

  • Do it immediately. Tomorrow is too late.

  • KEEP IT SHORT AND CONCISE. They specify "under 150 words": I'd make it under 100.

  • Stay on topic. Address the specific error they made: Don't ramble or extrapolate other wrongs.

  • Be accessible and friendly in tone.

  • I can't find an email address for the writer, Tom Lanham. Anybody? It might be or, but those are just guesses. If you can, cc: him.

Here's my letter.


I was dismayed to see music critic Tom Lanham's statement that furries are "a kinky sex cult" in his 21 March review of the Swedish group "Teddybears". He must be getting his information from stand-up comics: In ten years of being part of the furry community, I've seen nothing that would justify this libel.

Furries are, instead, simply fans of art that mixes human and animal forms. In their private moments you'll typically find furries reading comic books or building costumes.

Mr. Lanham would do well to spend time among actual furries, for example at the annual "Further Confusion" convention in San Jose (, which draws about 2,000. Or, if he'd rather not travel, a browse through the 6,500-article encyclopedia will set him straight.

--Tom "Tom Howling" Geller
San Francisco

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