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Loveline was talking about furries!

Loveline, a radio show (I get it on my local station, 107.7 "The End" out of Seattle) was talking about furries!
Loveline is an adult radio show (that is on after 10pm) and they discuss topics of love, affection, sex, sexual physiology, drugs, addictions, stds, and other serious topics. Sometimes the calls aren't serious, afterall its a call-in show. They have Celebrety guests each night, sometimes bands, sometimes TV actors. Dr. Drew is a doctor, he's on Discovery Health Channel and he hosts Loveline and does some other things. And his co host is Striker (sp?) who adds occasionally amusing commentary.

Here's a loose transcript:
The caller who called in about furries called at approx. 10:30pm and explained that she was 28 and really into furry porn, she had also been interested in furry art and adult art since she was about age 18. She wanted advice on what to do about her boyfriend, she has known him for 5 years but has been in a relationship for about 2 (?) and he does not know of this interest of her's... She wanted to know what should she say to him to let him know she likes it, or should she even say anything?

Dr. Drew said immediately "Oh, I've heard of this sort of thing before", Striker and the celebrety guest asked her to explain it a little bit for those listening, and they went on trying to describe it and prettymuch got down to considering it "cartoon animals" they were looking at it through Google images. They asked where she sees it, and she named "VCL mainly." They mentioned looking up "furry art" and "furry art adult" on Google Images. They commented "this looks pretty harmless" and "I don't see what's wrong with that" ..

The caller was concerned her boyfriend didn't or wouldn't like it, or has commented negatively about furries before. They asked her how she got into it, and she explained that she's an artist and can appreciate the artistic qualities as well as it turns her on. They asked her what kind of furry porn she likes, she said she has an affinity for rabbits, and that she likes the female on female, specifically, not so much the male on female. They asked her what kind of porn her boyfriend likes, and she commented with repulsion, "he likes anal porn, but tries to say he'd never do it."

She asked if she should be worrying about this interest, if she should seek therapy or its just normal and to tell her boyfriend about it. Dr. Drew asked her if anything traumatic happened. She got into explaining how a family member who was an addict had possibly sexually abused her around age 5, she had dreamed about it, and finally made the connection as she got older. When she confronted the person about it they were apologetic, so thats what leads her to believe that it happened, since she's otherwise repressed it.

Dr Drew and Striker's advice was to just tell her boyfriend. They mentioned that there's lots of other people interested in it and it doesn't seem to be hurting anyone. They kept mentioning it looks pretty innocent and one of the celebrety guests was mentioning "maybe we're not looking at the right stuff?" Striker commented that he's looking at a drawing of a horse looking satisfied with an erection and cum all over and that he thinks he's looking at the right stuff and its "not so bad."

All in all it was pretty positive, in the sense that Dr Drew and Striker (the hosts) looked at it very objectively and wern't disrespectful. I listen to the show a LOT and there are people out there who they occasionally give a hard time about the topic they're calling in about, or give "hard advice" .. but overall it was basically they don't think there's anything wrong with furry porn. :3

Did anyone else hear the show tonight? Anything you'd like to add? (I'm pretty sure I missed some of it since I called my boyfriend to tell him to tune in and when I parked to listen better I accidently turned my car all the way off like a dork so I had to turn on the AUX power and missed part of the convo for a second.) Anyone have audio? I'm not sure if you can listen to the recorded show anywhere.

Here's the show's website:
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