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MMORPGs, Moby, Celebrity Deathmatch and IGN

Bit of a long one.

Okay, a quick Google News search brings up two stories from

One is about a game that features only anthropomorphic animals, but that the developers say isn't furry. The second really hasn't anything to do with furries, but mentions furries on Second Life. Apparently, we're at the same level as pedophiles. That's nice.


And, just for the sake of completeness, the the site for the game that the first article is about.

Okay, other than that, the only non-Super Furry Animals related hit is a mention of Moby's "Beautiful" video, which I won't even bother linking to.

Kind of slim pickings on Google this month.

Next up, and I have no way to back this up, but I remember a mention of plushies on an episode of "Celebrity Deathmatch" on MTV2. Don't remember anything from the show, who was fighting or when it was or even why I was watching, for that matter. So, I don't know the episode, but I distinctly remember the line "What's a plushie?" It was a throwaway line, anyway, but it did make me laugh.

Also, the guy at the DS site at IGN, Craig Harris, is supposed to be a furry. I don't know if he actually is, or if he just really likes kangaroos, and am a bit to lazy to look it up right now, but the Nintendo site's "Cubetoons" always feature him in a kangaroo fursuit, anway.

Most recent example.
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