Cheat Thee, Sir Owl? (soreth) wrote in furrymedia,
Cheat Thee, Sir Owl?

Five Rules (and some corollaries) of Fandom:

Posted here at athelind's suggestion. The original list is located here and more likely to be updated in the future than this copy.
1. There is no fandom that does not contain elements other fandom elements wish did not exist.
1a. The fans that most of the rest of the fandom likes will be the "good" fans, and the fans that most of the rest of the fandom does not like will be the "bad" fans.
1b. Every fandom will contain "perverts."

2. The "average" fan is invisible at first glance. The fans who are most visible and get the most attention are either the "good" fans or the "bad" fans.
2a. "Bad" fans are always more visible than "good" fans. Humans are fascinated by the repulsive.

3. Stereotypes of the "average" fan are almost always based on merged or isolated traits of the "good" and "bad" fans.
3a. The "average" fan has very few of the qualities that make the "bad" fans bad and the "good" fans good.

4. A fandom cannot be defined simply or placed within easily-set borders. Ultimately, it contains even those who desire to separate themselves completely from the fandom.
4a. The only way to truly leave a fandom is to stop being interested in it and cease paying attention to its main interest.
4b. No fandom will ever stay "pure." Fandoms by their very nature spread out and encompass other interests that compliment their core interest.
4c. A given fandom will reinvent and redefine itself after it has assimilated a sufficiently large number of other interests.

5. No fandom should ever be taken completely seriously.
5a. Likewise, no fandom should ever be taken completely as a joke.
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