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Furries set to break Pittsburgh attendance record

Furries set to break Pittsburgh attendance record

Post about AC.

If there seem to be constant sightings of fur-wearing visitors, there's a reason.

Organizers of the 14th annual Anthrocon convention say they're expecting to break last year's attendance record with up to 10,000 visitors this year.

They've come from many cities across the U.S. and from more than 20 countries, according to a spokesperson for the convention.

The theme for this year is "Surf Pacific," so be prepared for some festive summer outfits in this year's parade.

The fifth annual Fursuit Walk will take place Saturday, July 6, at 2 p.m.

2,132 "fursuiters" paraded around the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

A meet-and-greet with the "fursuiters" was also held following the parade.

“We are excited to welcome back Anthrocon for the 14th year, as this convention continues to be a summer highlight in Pittsburgh,” said Craig Davis, president and chief executive officer of VisitPITTSBURGH. “Since 2006, and including 2019, Anthrocon has contributed $71 million in direct spending to Pittsburgh’s economy. We thank the Anthrocon organizers for continuing to choose Pittsburgh to host their convention.”

Since 2006, Anthrocon has raised nearly $295,000 for animal-related charities in Pennsylvania, leaving behind a legacy of philanthropy in Pittsburgh. This year, the convention has selected PEARL Parrots Rescue as the charity it will support.

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