higgs_raccoon (higgs_raccoon) wrote in furrymedia,

Anthrocon Convention steps out in full fursuits

Dated August 15, here is a (strangely late) article about Anthrocon in the New Pittsburgh Courier:

Pittsburgh’s furry friends from Anthrocon have a Fursuit Walk every year when they hold their convention, but this year they were venturing outdoors—and the city of Pittsburgh was invited to watch!

The Anthrocon Fursuit started at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center with approximately 1,300 “Fursuiters” taking part in the procession. This was the first time that the public was invited to watch the outdoor portion of the walk.

“We love Pittsburgh and the decision to invite the public has been in the back of our minds for quite some time,” Samuel Conway, chairman of Anthrocon Inc., said before the walk. “It gives the people of Pittsburgh the opportunity to share a little bit of what we do. So we are looking forward to sharing some of our Anthrocon joy and the convention experience with the people of Pittsburgh.”

It’s not every day that fursuits are worn outdoors. Described as “wearable, original works of art,” the costumes are mostly original creations. The fully costumed group only represents about 20 percent of the convention. The Anthrocon convention, which took place last month, attracts artists, animators, costumers, puppeteers and just everyday fans who enjoy cartoon animals. The program includes workshops and seminars in acting, costume-building, animation, art and design.
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