Gregory (baracudaboy) wrote in furrymedia,

Furry Burgh!

If you follow this blog you know that last December we returned back to Pittsburgh which we left in 1978 to find fame and fortune. Some things remain the same but Pittsburgh has changed a lot. Anthrocon (#anthrocon, #furries) is one thing that didn’t even exist when we left. It is a convention of people who like to dress in costume and fur suits of their favorite or original characters.

Anthrocon was founded in 1998 with about 500 people. The convention was in Philadelphia but moved to Pittsburgh in 2006 in search of a larger hotel and venue. The first convention in Pittsburgh attracted over 2400 people and has continued to grow each year and brings millions to the Pittsburgh ecocomny.

This year was the first year that the Fursuit Parade of over 1000 characters was in public and Pittsburghers came out in the thousands to show their support and cheer The Furries as they paraded around the convention center. I have just begun to look through all the images I took of these colorful characters but this should give you the general idea.

To see other images and buy apparel or prints, please visit my commercial gallery.

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