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Hundreds Flock To Furry Parade Downtown

An article on the CBS Pittsburgh website, about Anthrocon's fursuit parade:

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Hundreds of people lined the Convention Center Saturday to take in the first-ever public furry parade.

Hundreds of furries walked in the parade as well. This year was the first time they paraded outside for the public. In previous years the furries marched through the convention center.

Furry fans and curious spectators stood cheering on various foxes, cats, superheroes and other creatures, some holding yellow “I (heart) Anthrocon” signs.

“It’s fun, just people having fun,” said Tim Fako of Scott Township. “It’s a different thing, never participated in anything like this before, I’m glad they’re sharing their parade with us.”

Anthrocon has taken place in Pittsburgh annually since 2005.

In addition to bringing a number of costume-clad individuals to the city, the convention has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Pittsburgh organizations.

According to the Anthrocon website, last year the convention raised more than $30,000 for the National Aviary.

They also bring millions of dollars to the city. Officials with VisitPittsburgh estimated this year’s four-day convention would bring in more than $5 million.
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