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Crowd greets Anthrocon furries in outdoor parade

An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, about the (outdoor) fursuit parade at this year's Anthrocon:

Hundreds of people lined 10th Street under the David L. Lawrence Convention Center to enthusiastically cheer on about 1,300 Anthrocon participants dressed in furry animal suits.

The outdoor parade was a first for Anthrocon Inc., which typically holds its “Fursuit Walk” indoors and in private. But in Pittsburgh’s 10th year of hosting the world’s largest gathering of fans obsessed with humanlike animal characters, organizers decided allow them to venture outside.

“The decision to invite the public has been in the back of our minds for quite some time,” said Anthrocon Chairman Samuel Conway in a press release. “It gives the people of Pittsburgh the opportunity to share a little bit of what we do.”

Beginning just after 2 p.m., furry participants exited the convention center’s East Lobby doors and walked in clustered groups through a horseshoe-shaped route. Onlookers whooped and hollered and snapped photos of the elaborate, colorful costumes. Several furries carried selfie sticks to commemorate the event.

The walk lasted nearly an hour and went off without any major medical incidents, despite temperatures in the 80s.

Valerie Sandor, of Monroeville, stood near the finish of the walk. Ms. Sandor comes up every year to catch a glimpse of the fursuits around Downtown, but she was thrilled to hear that there would be an official public parade of all of them together.

“We love the furries,” Ms. Sandor said.
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