higgs_raccoon (higgs_raccoon) wrote in furrymedia,

Watch furries get down on the dance floor at the Furcon Masquerade

Here is another article in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, about Further Confusion 2015:

San Jose was a lot furrier this weekend, as droves of friendly folks dressed up as cuddly animals descended on the city to meet, mingle and dance at Furcon 2015.

Photographer Vicki Thompson was on the ground in the convention, meeting the regulars and attending the Masquerade dance complete with costumes, smoke machines and a DJ.

What does a Furcon dance look like? Click through the slideshow to find out.

Furcon is serious business for San Jose, Further Confusion 2015 is expected to generate $3 million for San Jose merchants as furries occupy 3,200 hotel rooms, said Ben Roschke at Team San Jose, the nonprofit group that promotes the city as a destination and runs the convention center.

Also, as editor-in-chief Greg Baumann wrote last time the convention was in town, it's the best chance of injecting a bit of eccentricity into a city whose culture is overshadowed by San Francisco.
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