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Furries descend on Lake Murray

Here is an article in the January 6 edition of the San Diego Reader:


It describes a recent furmeet at the Lake Murray reservoir in San Diego, California.

Furries descend on Lake Murray
Everyone was hugging, laughing, riding motorcycles, and playing tag

By Gloria Ciprian, Jan. 6, 2014

On January 4, LMFAO arrived at Lake Murray between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to have their monthly meeting, which they hold on the first Saturday of every month.

In this case, LMFAO does not stand for the vulgar “laughing my f*ing ass off,” but "Lake Murray Furry Anthro Outing."

Their gathering was held at the less-visited part of the lake — more like the “downtown” section, which includes the lake store, lake rentals, boat dock, and picnic area; the running trail attracts most of the park’s visitors.

The several members greeted each other and onlookers with over-the-top friendliness and glee. Most people who saw the “furries” wanted to know the purpose of the animated party. Each member had a badge with his or her “club” name written on it.

Ryka and Motomo were two members’ names, along with Hogwash, who claimed to be the group’s leader. Leo, one of the park workers, laughed and commented that he thought a lot of the costumes cost a lot of money.

Everyone was hugging, laughing, riding motorcycles, and playing tag. The atmosphere was joyful and playful. Some bystanders were wondering how they could become a member. Hogwash quickly told them that anyone who shows up on the first Saturday of every month could be a member.

“What is the real purpose?” was the question on most people’s minds. When asked, Hogwash responded that LMFAO’s sole mission was to have fun.
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