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Får kick av å kle seg ut som dyr (Getting a kick out of dressing up like animals)

Badly translated article ahead lol.

Sarah (24) lives in Trondheim dressed like a fox. She is part of the furry community in Norway.

- I'm a 1.80 meters high rev. Brown, black and white, with big fluffy tail, long pink tongue and sharp teeth. But I tend not to bite, says Sarah (24).

She sits around a table at a cafe in Trondheim with two friends. Sarah is wearing revedrakt from head to toe, while your friends have collars around their necks.

- Look, it says Kirino engraved, with a little bling on.

They are called furries. There are people who share a passionate interest in dressing up like animals. They are fascinated by animals with human qualities, who can walk on two legs, talk and think like people.

- There is no more required to be furry than being an animal lover, says Sarah.

Identify with animals

The character of Sarah talking really, but she made an exception today.

- If people talk to me when I'm in character, I usually just nod. Torvus does not actually use human words, she explains.

All the furry community has found a character that they identify with, such as a fox, badger or raccoon. Some use only the tails and ears, while others have full fur suits.

Being furry is all about expressing their personality through the character.

- Furries are people who have a genuine interest in animals, and expressing it in many different ways. Both art and music and so we meet and talk about the interest, says "Kirino".

Do not dare come forward

The three round table would not come forward with their real identity, for they are afraid of the reactions that can occur.

- It's not all in my social circle who know I'm furry. It could be that they have only heard negative things about furries. If only I was associated with the positive things, so I probably told the whole world that I am furry, says Kirino.

They have experienced negative publicity in the media, and especially remember an episode of the American television series CSI.

- There were furries portrayed as people who have sex in animal costumes, and it's certainly not what this is about. There are certainly a tiny percentage that may hold the stuff, but they keep themselves to themselves, says Kirino.

Her character is a cat, and yet she has collar, paws, tail and ears. Soon she will order a full suit, called a fursuit. But it costs. Sarah has just ordered a new revedrakt, and it costs 16 000.

Love to hug people

Sarah leaves the cafe and goes out of Trondheim with revedrakten on. Many people stop and stare, while others rush past.

- The character makes me cheerful and playful. Now I have an energy in the body that I want to share with others.

She runs away to people on the street and throwing around their necks. Some run away, while others surprised the opposite. Children think it's always nice with clips from the fox.

- In the summer I was in the square in Trondheim and hugged many children. A girl was long behind her mother, and finally she asked about getting a hug. Then she hugged me for five minutes, and the tears flowed when they had to go.

Sarah smiles when she thinks back on that episode.

- It makes me so happy to think of it, it gives me a spark, she says.

For her, the main thing with being furry to please others.

Gather to live the dream

In the pedestrian zone in Trondheim are Sarah stopped by a woman who wants to take a picture with your mobile camera.

- It's a rare sight, so I have to take a picture. It was funny, she said.

Furry fandom has probably originated from fictional books in the 1960s, but got real foothold first in the 80s in the U.S.. In Norway, the environment has grown in leaps and bounds since it was established in the mid 90s.

Last year, it organized a large gathering in Oslo, and there came the 51 furries from around the country.

- Cohesion in the environment is very good. Most people will just express joy or interest, and it's really nice people, says Kirino.

During the collections draw the plays video games and organizes party games in a fur suit. Between the matches together they usually online forum "Norwegian paws . "

- There are all kinds of people who are furries. There are just ordinary people who share a common interest, says Sarah.

She loves to wear revedrakten and enter the role of Torvus.

- I'm going to be furry and walk in fursuit as long as I live. I'm quite sure.

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