skippyfox (skippyfox) wrote in furrymedia,

Furries on TruTv - Hardcore Pawn

(clip is also available at

Featuring Skroy, Kody Collie, Frisbee, Blizzard and Ghimno. Some comments from Skroy on the video:

It was actually Kody's idea. It was a short drive away from a hotel during a convention that we were at and he thought it would be fun. He asked for my help so he'd have a translator and I said why not?

The "miami sporting event" line was something scripted that they asked me to say. You know.. "TruTv" afterall.

(Just for clarification, I'm just sharing this here, and I was not involved at all. If you have any questions for the furries in the video I have linked to their pages on FA where you can message them.)
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