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Furries - the world's strangest subculture (badly translated article)

"People  fo rwho a "normal" life is not the way. They prefer to dress up in costume and pretend to be stuffed animals.",furries-najdziwniejsza-subkultura-na-swiecie

I was in Magdeburg and ended up meeting Europe's largest Furries gathering . These are people who are converging to dress and behave like animals. Not real animals, but these plush characters from manga, animated films, and science fiction. They sew  the costumes themselves, or purchase them, a total of up to several thousand euros. Fur costumes heat up fast, causing some Furries To not wear suits.

I ask one furry what this is all about: - organize the parade, which in they hug and took pictures. "We want more people to smile" - says one man who identifies as a cat. And so it actually looks like. Hundreds of Furriesspend all day in the streets of Magdeburg. One of the official agenda plans is a joint trip to the local zoo. Everywhere they try to act like stuffed animals. Each permit a hug and take a picture.

Those with the greatest commitment prefer not to take off their suits. It's their security asylum to which there is no admission of gray days. The entire subculture is also good business. It's hard to be a furry 24 hours a day, so the community set your calendar from convention to convention. Meetings are highly specialized. Furries meet for racing, hiking, those fond of felines can meet at a convention in the Alps and in the Netherlands at a special techno party for Furries. All conventions cost money. In Magdeburg European Furries parade was held for the last time. The reason is the lack of a sufficient number of hotel rooms. Felines move to Berlin!

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