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Furries invade the planet

The furries can be artists, writers, puppeteers or any kind of fan who identify with animals "furry
Growing worldwide movement "Furry Fandom". These are people who dress in costumes stuffed animals, and are known as furry fans, furries, or simply furs, all derived from the word furry (which in English means "hairy").

The furries can be artists, writers, puppeteers or any kind of fan who identify with animals "furry" anthropomorphic (albeit with a lot of personality). The most common are cats, dogs and fantastic creatures (dragons or type alebrijes). Many furries congregate in cyberspace enjoy artwork depicting anthropomorphic animals, and especially like to attend furry conventions.

The Furry Fandom community has also developed its own vocabulary, including words such as "fursona" (person who has a furry character) or "fleshie" (a non-furry). They even have the furotismo, also known as furry erotica or pornography, and the "fursuiters" are fursonas who engage in furry pornography.

At the costumes to be used by "fursonas" are called "fursuits" (English "fur" coat and "suit" suit). To make matters worse there is also a WikiFur, where you can see articles and definitions for each term furry.

"Furry Fandom" is a whole way of life and of course huge profits: many furries are dedicated to puppetry, video design, creating comics or perform live shows. And of course, also prepared stripper shows adult furry style.

The movement also follows a legion of researchers, journalists, photographers and artists seeking inspiration from this trend, the same to establish anthropological treatise on the subject, a series of photographs, videos or pictures pornofurries.

The furries are inspired by cartoon characters (like Bugs Bunny), TV shows, movies, video games and even sports mascots and company logos.

Some researchers of the phenomenon "Furry Fandom" considered to have originated in the 1960s, when it became popular anthropomorphic cartoons. Others believe that arise in the '80s, between the conventions of comics and science fiction boom. Some more place the "Furry Fandom" as part of Fashion Cosplay; although the furry trend grew so much that almost became independent, as indicated by furry historian Fred Patten.

The action of creating a fursona is one of the first steps to enter and become known in the furry community: the new member chooses a certain animal that feels particularly strong identification, which will become your avatar or icon within the fandom . Through this character will interact with other members of role playing games online, or appearing in fantastic stories, pictures, forums and communities throughout the world. Another objective is to attend meetings or themed events to meet other members with general or private interest.

The most common fursonas felines (cats, lions, tigers), canines (wolves, foxes, dogs, and even skunks) fantastic creatures (dragons or alebrijes type) and combination of different furries as a "folf" (Fox and wolf) or an "cabbit" (cat and rabbit). Some choose most unique characters such as giraffes, horses, ponies, zebras, bobcats or deer. And while there are all kinds, rarely (if ever) are identified with primates.

Furry Fandom culture has its own art, animation, comics and literature, and many of the activities are carried out online. There is a wide variety of furry files on the network (art and writings), and some are free but some have to pay. The latter include adult-only materials.

In regard to the tendency to meet other furry fursonas, worldwide there are groups that meet regularly. The Anthrocon, held every July in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) is the most recognized of all, but there are similar events in the UK, Germany, Brazil, France, Russia and of course Mexico. (Twitter: @ rolandolino)

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