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It’s ‘fur’ a good cause

Here is an article from July 31, in the London Community News. (London, Ontario, Canada, not London, England.)

Concerning this weekend's Condition convention, the article is an interview with Condition organiser Ryan "Frostscar" Bruce.

It’s fuzzy, it’s fun and it’s for a good cause.

In the past four years, London’s Condition: Furry convention has raised more than $22,000 for charity and organizer Ryan Bruce is hoping to add to that total when the event returns next month.

The three-day convention, one of three major annual events for furries in southern Ontario, takes place Aug. 2-4 at the Four Points by Sheraton on -Wellington Road.

Bruce said about 300 people tend to come out for the charity auction, games and other events (including a costumed hockey tournament on the Friday), but mostly they’re there just to network with people who have similar interests.

There will also be a sponsor lounge where participants can pay a little extra for Iron Spike beer, food and the themed punch, which this year is called Wasteland Water.

“It should be grey this year,” Bruce said. “The colour is never pleasing, but it tastes good.”

A wildlife expert will be bringing in “ambassador” animals, ones that can’t return to the wild, but are well enough to serve an educational purpose, from the Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Eduction Centre to the convention to visit.

The convention is open to anyone, but registration is required, and minors need written permission from a parent or guardian.

Furries are fans of fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Many construct or buy costumes based on characters of their own imagining for events such as the upcoming convention and adopt created names. Bruce’s is Frostscar, for example.

“It’s fun for the same reason people like to ski,” Bruce said. “Because they like doing it. (The convention) isn’t huge yet so that lets us do more personal, local stuff.”

Bruce has been costuming for about eight years. He started in anime-style dress, but switched to the furry dominion because it’s easier to meet people at the smaller events.

“It’s easy to lose yourself at Anime North or FanEx, where there are 90,000 people there,” he said. “Plus you’re not wearing someone else’s character (as is the case with Star Wars costuming). I liked the art and started building suits about six years ago.”

He now builds suits to sell to other furries, having completed about 20 to date.

The convention is open to anime fans as well, and members of the London Rogues Star Wars costuming club tend to show up.

The funds raised by the event go to Salthaven to be used toward the construction of a new centre on donated land north of London.

According to Bruce, Condition: Furry event averages the highest charitable donation per person for a furry event in Canada at about $42 each.

“As good as $10,000 is, it’s a drop in the bucket when it comes to building new facilities.”

Bruce said London furries tend to hold bi-weekly meetings during the year, take part in other charity events, many for children, like the Walk for Autism with the London Rogues.

“There’s nothing really set, it’s just kind of what comes up.”

For the past three years they have held a ski day for deaf/blind children at Boler Mountain.

“Being in a full suit is so hot, the skiing is probably the best thing we’ve done!”

Visit www.conditionfurry.ca to learn more.
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