higgs_raccoon (higgs_raccoon) wrote in furrymedia,

Furries Return To Pittsburgh, Going For World Record

An article about Anthrocon 2013, dated June 3 on the CBS Pittsburgh website:

(Some fursuiters are "frustrated clowns"?)

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Furries are back. Pittsburgh is hosting the annual Anthrocon convention for the eighth year in a row.

Visit Pittsburgh CEO Craig Davis says the four-day event is one of the city’s top ten conventions, revenue-wise.

“This year alone,” he says, “will be 6-point-three million dollars in economic benefit for the city.”

With nearly six thousand visitors, downtown restaurants like Tonic Bar and Grill are happy to temporarily waive the “no pet” rule.

Anthrocon chairman Sam Conway doesn’t wear a costume, but helps explain those who do.

“Different people have different reasons,” he says. “Some are frustrated clowns, others are just natural performers. Others just like the reaction that it gets.”

Saturday at the Convention Center, more than a thousand Furries will march in what they hope is a record setting “fur suit parade.”

“So we’re going to be numbering these people as they go in,” Conway says. “We’re going to try to certify this as a Guinness World Record: Largest number of fur suit costumed characters in one place.”
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