beastcub (beastcub) wrote in furrymedia,

America's Got Talent... quadsuit?

In the clips prior to the commercial break after the Chienese lady did her act on the uniucycle there was a split second of a 4 legged black and white cat costume. It took only half a step and there was nothing on stage to give me a scope of scale but it was either a quadsuit or a 2 person costume, it was not a puppet because upon pausing I could make out the mesh viewport in the neck.
I keep myself pretty up to date on what exists fursuit/quadsuit wise, and a google search right now is failing me... does anyone know what I just saw?

A while back I actually got an email from America's Got Talent trying to persuade me to come on stage with my work, their main interest being my quadsuits... but I am uncomfortable about the idea of being on TV, I also could not (and still cannot) fathom flying to LA... and at the time my sister was still unable to walk and she is my star quadsuit performer.

Back then I still kind of doubted whether or not the person emailing me was legit... I guess they were considering the cat I just saw.
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