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Lion and mythical warg to join Bundy's second furry party

Here is an article, dated May 10, in the Fraser Coast Chronicle, a daily newspaper serving the Fraser Coast area of Queensland, Australia.

The article (which makes the mistake of equating furries with fursuiters) describes next month's Bundaberg Furmeet.

HOLD on to your tails - Bundaberg is about to become furry central.

What is a furry you ask? Well, while definitions vary, a furry is generally a person who dresses up in an animal suit and takes on a "fursona" in line with their animal alter-ego.

Furries can come in all shapes and forms from leopards to lions, foxes, rats, pigs and every furry critter in between.

This year will see Bundaberg's furry community hosting their second event which will see people from all over the country converge on the rum city for the two days of fun.

On June 15, paying members of the local community with gather for fun and dancing with a special public fun day planned for the botanic gardens on June 16.

Hayden Grant (aka Bingo Fox) said the Furries in the Park event should be popular.

"I'm expecting around 50 paying attendees from around Australia and about 25 people with fursuits," he said.

The main drawcard for the Sunday event on June 16 will be an appearances by Alex the Lion and King Julian from the Madagascar movies and also a new quad-suit (which walks on all fours) of a warg, which is a mythical beast from the Lord of the Rings.
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