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Furry Fandom & Cosplay groups meet up at local parks

(There is a video at the original source, I'm just on an old computer right now and can't post it)

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Have you ever heard of Fandom, Cosplay or Furries? More and more San Diegans have found new groups of people to socialize with and these meetups provide an added bonus for members - dressing up in costume.

"One day I just surfed the net, and I found out San Diego has a Furry meetup and I found my place to fit in," explained one member of the San Diego Furries.

To be a member of the Furries all you need are some paws and furry tail. However, some members have a complete furry costume, some of which cost close to $900.

The group meetups happen once a month at a local park. According to one member, the group has been going strong for a year and attracts people from all walks of life.

"I'm in the military, and I'm a helicopter electrician," said one member.

Now we head down to Seaport Village, where another meetup group is getting together – this one with less fur and more makeup.

Cosplay members dress up like their favorite anime and film characters.

"We're not a bunch of nerds hanging out in the park. We're a big group of friends that treat each other like family. And this gives us a place to belong," said one Cosplay member.

The group's leader says he wears a "remotely, detonateable collar" that tracks his position.

"I'm totally a nerd I'm into all the Japanese stuff. I'm also a computer nerd, a gamer," he continued.

He also likes the social aspect of the group, saying:

"I've gone on dates, but nothing serious at the moment."

However, some members have made love connections. One member of the San Diego Furries met her boyfriend through the group, saying she couldn't have met him any other way

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