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Tom Broadbent: At Home with the Furries coverage

The ordinary home lives of dragons, gryphons, and mystical deer

Over the last few years, photographe Tom Broadbent ad been getting to know and photographing people who participate in furry fandom, fursuits and all. His ongoing serie At Home with the Furries hows fursuited folks in ordinary settings doing ordinary things. On the one hand, his photos show the mundane side of folks who participate in the fandom, but on the other, they create fantastic scenes in which mythical creatures have to do their laundry and make their breakfast just like everyone else.

You can see many more photos from this series on Broadbent's website.

Tom Broadbent Documents All Those Furries That You See on Forums

If you’re used to creeping around 4Chan or Reddit, you’ll know the story about furries. For the rest of us, they’re a meme of a sort that started at a Sci-Fi con as a drawing and then went viral. At the heart, they’re personified animals–and they digg sexy time the way humans do. We’ll stop right there.

Tom Broadbent ecently did a project documenting people who cosplay as these characters, but wanted to show them doing daily everyday tasks. This is similar to the project documentin superheros during daily life hat was done previous.

Head over t Tom’s site or the best web viewing experience.

It's a surreal life, 'At Home with the Furries'

Tom Broadbent has spent the past few years photographing "Furries" — people who spend parts of their lives dressed as anthropomorphic animals — away from the confines o conventions and events. He's published his work a At Home with the Furries a series depicting furries in everyday scenes. The result is a whimsical, fantastic set of images, that plays the furries' spectacular costumes against the stark contrast of some truly mundane settings.

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