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So Yesterday...

...I went to my local library. In the mood for some light reading, I spied a book on the shelf called World's Worst Travel Destinations. Thumbing the pages, I stopped at page 46 because I spied a name: Anthrocon.

Indeed. THAT Anthrocon.

So I read the entry. Below is the review I read in its entirety.

NOTE: This is from _World's Worst Travel Destinations: 50 travel experiences you will want to miss..._, and published in 2012 by Dog 'n' Bone Books. The author is Kara Simsek. pp. 46-47

Anthrocon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When Children see someone dressed up in an animal costume, their first instinct is to run toward them with their arms outstretched, their face a giant beacon of joy ready for a quick cuddle. The same can be said of "furries" -- adults who have a fixation with humanoid animal characters.

There are many Furry COnventions -- or Fur Cons, as they're also knowm--held every year across the US. Such gatherings provide a suitable opportunity for fetishists to show off their "fursonas," the name given to their animal alter-egos who are usually only given the chance to socialize in internet forums. The largest of these conventions is Anthrocon, which is held every year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and attended by over 4000 people who roan around as humanoid cats, dogs, wolves, and even cockroaches. Foxes are also popular.

Many of the furries wear full costumes that they have painstakingly made themselves, while others opt for a more subtle get-up, such as adding a discreet tail to their clostes or wearing gloves that look like paws. The furries' outfits help to portray their character, with some having a medieval mentality that involves wearing fantasy outfits like cloaks and tunics, while others appear in uniforms for more relaxed clothing such as dungarees.

Thousands of furry fans make the most of Anthrocon, relishing the chance to hang out with other people in animal suits and dancing all night at specially organized discos, where any record by the rock band Super Furry Animals go down especially well. It's also a chance to bring their online role-playing games to life, as they speak and act in character totally unlike their everyday persons. It's not all fun and games, though, as the more serious side of the fandom is explored in a series of panel discussions. There are also art shows, auctions, puppetry, and stalls selling comic books, accessories, collectibles, and, of course, animal costumes.

Getting into a Fur Con can be tricky, however, as the media has painted such events as sexually charged weekends that culminate in wild orgies; as a result, the furries are understandably wary of of outsiders. Make an effort, though, and perhaps you'll see a grinning six foot tall crocodile slide up to a mouse, take them by the paw, and lead them to a hotel suite with the intention of doing beastly things to them.
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