Gregory (baracudaboy) wrote in furrymedia,

Mamma-chan! World's most popular mascot!

"Mamma-chan! World's most popular mascot!" Or so he thought. After leaving Japan to visit Anthrocon, Mamma (from Sanma to Mamma) thought everybody would recognize him! This isn't so, as most fursuiters and cosplayers had no idea. So, Mamma had to do something drastic, in front of a stage of thousands of people!"

oh. my. gosh. i am just dying from how precious this is. Its a little sad in a funny way that Mamma-Chan didn't get the same reception that Sardyuon did but at the same time he's obviously popular enough already in Japan that I don't feel too bad haha. This is I'm sure the very first time that Japan has reported on American furry fandom, they've reported on the japanese furry conventions in the past but we all know that online translators always muddle those up. Whats amazing and exciting about this is that it's subtitled. I'm sorry, I'm just quite happy, furry just went global, pretty legitimately.
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