Gregory (baracudaboy) wrote in furrymedia,

Furry fans costumes enchant Magdeburg.

MAGDEBURG / DPA.  Over 1000 fans of the furry fantasy world enchant Magdeburg.When it comes Eurofurence in workshops, lectures and numerous shows all around the world of the furry fans. The word comes from English and means "pretty" or "with fur" clothed. The event was organized for the third time in Magdeburg by numerous volunteers. Artists and fans from 34 countries reported in itself.

The meeting, which will run until Sunday will be this year under the theme "Animalia Romana" - and to the conference hotel transformed into a ancient Roman arena. The interest was huge, it was said by the organizers on Saturday. Many participants in the Convention Eurofurence strolling and strutting in fanciful costumes and by the city of Magdeburg.

Whether sculptor, painter or artist - he just needs to be "furry". Several participants offer their works at auction. Who wants to offer can have as many credit cards as he wants - "he must pay cash", say the organizers.

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