Gregory (baracudaboy) wrote in furrymedia,

Twenty most expressionless Furry costumes at Rocky Mountain Fur Con

More than 800 people -- most of them dressed in costumes or not adverse to snuggling up to one -- flocked to the DoubleTree Hotel this weekend for Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2012: Furry Apocalypse, an unabashed annual celebration of Furry fandom. But while the anthropomorphic lifestyle offers a lot of costume options for those who are so inclined, it doesn't offer a lot of facial expressions. Photographer Jim Wills stopped by this weekend to capture attendees in various states of joy, anger, sorrow and elation -- none of which you can tell from these photos. Click through for our rundown of the twenty most fixed Furry gazes.

Photo gallery of con:
This year's Rocky Mountain Fur Con filled the DoubleTree Hotel with more than 800 furries and fans for on acting, costume building, animation, art and design. Photographer Jim Wills brings back these photos from Saturday's program.

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