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'Furry movement' sweeps Mexico

An article on itn.co.uk (Independent Television News, a British-based news and content provider). Dated July 17, 2012.

Dozens of people are dressing up as furry animals in Mexico as part of the furry movement, which expresses love for animals and human beings.

Furries are mostly young people who design and create cartoon or mascot animal costumes and wear them out in the street.

There are thousands of followers across the globe and the movement even has its own convention called Anthrocon, which took place this year in Pennsylvania.

Adrian Diaz, who dresses as a fox says followers are still treated as oddities by the general public: "Here in Mexico, when people don't understand things, it bothers them.

"There are many people that accept it and think it's fun, but the majority don't accept it very much."

Cesar Clemente, a furry who goes by the nickname "Zorillo", or "Little Fox" says: "To me, being a furry means living the life you have.

"When I have the suit on I feel like I can do things that I otherwise wouldn't. I can be friendlier, more affectionate. I think people think it's more acceptable like this than if I didn't have the costume on."

Fans claim to have a significant following internationally, with websites and online games all part of the furry role playing.
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