Gregory (baracudaboy) wrote in furrymedia,

What Exactly Are “Plushies” And “Furries”?

With the new movie Ted coming out, both Plushie and Furrie communities has a new hero, but what exactly are Plushies and Furries? Keep reading and get the inside scoop on the stuffed animal adoring groups of kinky people.

The difference between “Plushies” And “Furries”

There is a big difference between Plushies and Furries. A Plushie fetish is someone who likes to…well, have sex with a plush stuffed animal. Men will often buy specially made stuffed animals that come with vagina and anus like holes (strategically placed holes) sewn into the plush play thing.

Women may use plush toys sexually by humping them or by attaching strap on dildos to the toys and riding them. Men or women sometimes also enjoy having sex with other people dressed up in mascot outfits that make them look like giant plush toys.

Although people not belonging to the Furrie community may feel a bit grossed out by Plushies, really it’s a fairly benign fetish. It’s simply masturbation with a different form of sex toy, or role playing with larger outfits.

“Furries” are different from “Plushies”.

Furries differ from Plushes in multiple ways. The biggest being that they are very animal focussed. They aren’t interested in having sex with plush toys, rather they want to be, or be “romantic” with erotic animal human hybrids.

No judgment from me, but there is a bit of a gross out factor because of the animal eroticizing that goes along with this fetish. There’s a whole style of cartoon art which depicts animals with human sexual features (breasts, hips, sex organs) that is a bit disconcerting for those of us who don’t share the fetish. There’s also talk that some Furries engage in beastiality (sex with animals). This is just rumor, but unfortunately that makes this fetish just a bit more high risk.

A word on those with a fetish.

Nobody wakes up one day and decides that they want to have a Plushie fetish or a breast feeding fetish. It’s something that simply gets wired into a person’s brain during their sexual development. As long as a person’s kink doesn’t involve illegal activities, they should be free to do what they want. After all, that’s the benefit of being an adult.
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