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FNN June 2012 Featured Fursuiter: Coopertom

The June 2012 Featured Fursuiter of the Month story just went live on Furry News Network, and I was quite fortunate to get another high-profile fursuiting ambassador, Coopertom, for this month's feature. Huge thanks to him for being such a great interview and rounding up some great photos to run with the article.

Coopertom - June 2012 Featured Fursuiter of the Month


And... here are links to previous months' features if you missed them:

J.D. Puppy - April 2012
Skroy - February 2012
Bucktown Tiger - December 2011
Kiwa Lyon - October 2011
Nicodemus Rat - September 2011
Dogbomb - August 2011
Yippee Coyote - July 2011
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