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Student Film “Furry” released to the Public

From Furry New Network

The film “Furry” is by Lindsey Batdorf, who wrote, directed and edited the project. Furry is a 20-minute comedy that was produced at Ringling College of Art and Design, as her senior thesis project.

The film is about Ryan Wetherby, a 23-year-old illustrator who is obsessed with his childhood wolf character named Kitsu. He finally has an opportunity to get together with the girl of his dreams, a co-worker named Emily. He faces a dilemma, however: should he tell Emily about his furry obsession, or should he hide it from her? It doesn’t help that his “out-and-proud” furry friend, Terry, is always looking to convert new people to the fandom!

Furry from Lindsey Batdorf on Vimeo.

Having watching I will not give too much away. It is OK for personal reasons because I never care much for chick flicks. While there some strotypes but they are not like like CSI and I could identify in knowing  obsessive furs like Ryan's friend and having family and friends getting information and reacting about furries from reading some info about furries form some trolling site or anti furry media.

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