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Bo drzemie w nich futrzasta dusza!

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Google Translated:

White wolf, husky and sympathetic snow leopard prowled Square yesterday after walking costumes Piast intrigues, behavior and mainly positive "animal" energy.

Hotel owner Robert Futerhendler Caspar was very surprised when it turned out that score so unconventional lovers of "furry", ie those referring to disguise and animal behavior.

The term "furry" is derived from English and means the furry and "futrzastość". Specifies the person or community that is interested in and it takes creativity associated with the so-called. the art of "furry" as well as their behavior is trying to make the way of being an animal. Sometimes it also refers to the form of combining human and animal features, occurring in several forms. Persons belonging to the furry fandom are called the "furry" or called "furry".

Futrzastość as a lifestyle can be defined by a create equitable in character, behavior or appearance of the so-called. fursony, or animal form. A person who is "furry" may take different personality traits considered characteristic of the species of the animal, which has as its object to follow.

Some first discovered in the animal realm, others first learned about associations furry. In Poland, about 50 people involved in this peculiar hobby, but only eight have full dress your pet. At gatherings of world meet at about a thousand fans, of which 300 is sometimes dressed up. The cost of professional costumes ranging from a thousand dollars or more. Furry lovers dress up as cats, lions, horses, bears, birds and even ... snakes, even though neither the birds nor snakes have fur.

- Some people regard this as a hobby others as a lifestyle. Present yourself as an anthropomorphic animal in the flesh. We feel the characteristics of specific animals and for them to we change. I dressed as a snow leopard, because I like to move, I like to swim. It is a quiet animal, seems almost sounds merely growls, it flies very well and jumps on top of the mountain, is very agile and quick. I started my first fascination with the wolf, and a half years ago I went to the snow leopard, because I thought that the more I reflect - Kamil confessed Stachyra from Slupsk.

This fascination is not only the dressing in the form of animal, but also with the deepening of knowledge about them and collect a variety of gadgets such as figures, pictures or mascots. To Jelenia Gora arrived as tourists, together with two colleagues. One comes from Katowice, the other from Switzerland. We went to the streets in disguise and had fun together. Passers-by were delighted and made us a picture - he added.

"Fursona" is a furry character that can play different roles: the story of an ordinary hero or model, to the inner, more animal alter-ego or the object to follow for a person belonging to the furry community. Often, furry feel a very deep bond with his character. Sometimes even to the extent that they consider it as their own source of spiritual inspiration. Some even believe that in the human body is a real animal trapped soul.
"Felines" have promised that this year will return to Jelenia Gora.
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