Jörg Reuter (woelfisch) wrote in furrymedia,
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Public Service Announcement

In the light of a recent event, please allow me just five suggestions:
  1. If you get approached by a reporter, please inform yourself about what they are usually writing and for whom.
  2. If you do not have any experience in public relations management, please do yourself and the fandom the favor and politely decline the request.
  3. If you are unsure, please ask those in the fandom for advice who do have experience handling the media. The media liaisons of larger conventions, for example. Or those in the fandom who work as journalists.
  4. Don't talk about issues you aren't involved with.
  5. And for heaven's sake, don't make a drama out of every provocation. The press will blow it up to the proportions of a scandal when they find out about it.

I'm not linking the article triggering this notice, and may I ask you to not link it as well, because lots of links are exactly what the publisher wants.
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