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«Fursuiters: VIDEO» : ils portent un costume pour se transformer en animal

Do not tell them they are doing cosplay . Where fans of Japanese fiction trying to imitate their favorite heroes at events such as the Japan Expo , the furries ("hairy" in English) them to create characters from scratch, animals with human characteristics often thought by the Looney Tunes .

Some even give life to their avatar by wearing a costume in his likeness: it is the fursuiters . A movement from the United States born in the 1980s on the fringes of American conventions of science fiction, the movement furry has grown worldwide in the 1990s with the explosion of the Internet - the first post on forums dating back to December 17, 1990 - and reached the European shores in the early 2000s.

The furries now have their own Wiki , a map to identify many forums and even a dating site . The use of social networks has allowed the movement to coordinate. At the last gathering Anthrocon , held annually in the United States, approximately 4400 furries had arranged to meet in the city of Pittsburgh and more than 850 fursuiters took to the streets for a parade. France, a small community in Europe compared to Britain or Germany, 300 to 400 count furries , including forty fursuiters .

"You feel closer to people" Why dress up? "Everyone has a different explanation," says Matthew Roumy, alias Redmoon Wolfen, which provides that in any case it has nothing to do with any political message. "For my part I have always been fascinated by everything about the transformation of man into an animal," says the senior executive in a computer company. Students role-play enthusiasts, graphic artists and officials: in addition to be relatively young ( average age is 24 years ), all have in common the passion for animated hybrid combining human and animal characteristics. And envy, too, to share with others. "You feel closer to people," said Kassestu, Marline or rather, in the "civilian".

What this student 18 years trying, once donned his costume hyena is "amazed look" of the children when she and other furries organize an outing, mostly in parks. As in the Parc Floral de Vincennes on Sunday VIDEO. Meet the "fursuiters" Their passion is generally quite well received by those who cross their path. The fursuiters are always accompanied by other furries without costume (the helpers , "escorts" in English) ensure that explain their approach and to convince them that, no, it's not a bachelor party boy. In France, despite the new law banning the wearing of the veil, the fursuiters manage to force time and patience to obtain permits for rallies.

2500 euros costume At least to make your own costume, be provide a Fursuit is not easy. There are a handful of manufacturers in the world, mostly Americans. Each Fursuit is made ​​to measure according to customer expectations, so that any achievement is unique . The wallet is affected: around 1000 euros for a costume part (head, arms and legs) and up to 2500 euros for a full. For the character of African wild dog, Matthew has spent 1,000 dollars (700 euros) during an auction on the Internet.

Contrary to what one might think, the furries do not just locate in parks or on the Internet. Just take a look at movie posters and some advertising on television and plastered on the subway. And the trend is gaining popularity: 17 August, Germany, the European Convention Eurofurence host Jim Martin as honorary president, the famous creator of Sesame Street . A serious dubbing for the movement.
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