Skirtandzy (skirtandzy) wrote in furrymedia,

Anthrocon Predicts 2012 NHL Draft?

Ok, so in case you did not hear it from the AnthroCon site, or Flayrah:
Anthrocon was asked to move foward a week next year, in order to allow a mystery event to take place during the originally scheduled time. Staff said they would not reveal the event until it was confirmed, but it seems that a lot of people are speculating that it is in fact the NHL Draft for 2012.
I have alerts for things such as 'furries' and 'Anthrocon' and every day, there are more and more links showing up.

What I'd like to do is compile a list of them:

First off, the Anthrocon and Flayrah postings:

And the News/Blogs/Websites:

The Hockey News:


Pittsburgh SBNation:

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Kukla's Korner:

CBS Sports:

AOL Sporting News:
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