Gregory (baracudaboy) wrote in furrymedia,

Furries! - M. Scott Brauer

> Furries are a group of people who identify themselves, to varying degrees, as anthropomorphic animals instead of as humans. Mainstream coverage of their culture has characterized the community poorly, and as such the furry fandom, as it's called, has been reticent to go on the record in recent years. For many furries, the culture is an inherently sexual one, but for others, being a furry isn't about sexual expression at all. Furries find outlet for the identity by working as masoctos or children's entertainers or by making fursuits for others. Furriness is as much about performance as it is about the self. By the very nature of fursuiting--that is, of dressing up as walking, talking animals--the fandom is not taken seriously. The pictures in this series take an objective look at the lives of a small number of furries in New England, examining the community and individuals at a personal level.

Tearsheet: Furries in Epsilon Magazine in Greece

Tearsheet: Furries in Vision Magazine May 2010

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