higgs_raccoon (higgs_raccoon) wrote in furrymedia,

Furries in the World of Sex

AIDES is a French organization devoted to supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS, and increasing public awareness about the disease. They've had some very creative public service announcements over the years, like Smutley (NSFW), the sluttiest cat ever.

I recently noticed that the furry fandom seems to be referred to in one of AIDES' other safe-sex campaigns. "The World of Sex" (NSFW) is a detailed drawing of a fictional sex-themed amusement park. One area seems to depict people in fursuits engaging in sex, and is labelled the "Enchanted Furry Forest". (So, yes, stereotyping all furries as fursuiters, and all fursuiters as using their costumes for sex.)

As it happens, the French-language version of the illustration instead labels the area "La Foret Frivole" ("The Frivolous Forest").
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