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The "Night and Day" in google translated version

Sorry about odd english, it is autotranslated, too much for me to translate...

Animal Placed love

By: Emma Clare Gabrielsen - Published: 04/10/2011
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Photo / Illustration: Stephanie Butkus

Tønsberg. A warm July evening in the summer between the sixth and seventh grade, I started to tumble over the eternal reason thematic issues as life and death as I realized I was in the starting box to the brutal puberty. Still sealed by unbroken promises and ribs, I strayed into an infatuation with the world's most beautiful animal, horse. This one year I ended up riding camp, where I connected acquaintance of two older girls in loose denim riding pants that smoked blood prince on figures attic and introduced me to the form of fat, Alice Cooper and an ethereal albino stallion by the name Kent. The images on the retina from a dark stall box has never been clearer:

The pressure of the pale pink flesh died when the oldest girl started painting hestepenisen with tongue. The sponge was mottled with dark spots which was even more apparent when the blood flowed, and the hardened and grew fast in the bumps out between the hind legs of the animal. She was thorough with mild Lactacyd and smashed his fists up and down the massive limb in sewing machine speed while I was forhutla and bløtøyd up båsveggen - terrified but happy to finally be incorporated into the adult world. Kent was in helspenn and snorting resounded down the stall at a time when the oldest girl Caucasian out from under the belly that we should hold hands signed. I knelt with outstretched arms and gave 500 kg pure horsepower pump the white soup beyond girlish hands. Sædsøstre forever. It was a powerful sexual debut from the sidelines.

Escapades with our brothers and sisters in Norway's animal kingdom is again limited to cuddle, talk, play, food, exercise or premeditated murder, when the new Animal Welfare Act came into force on January 1 last year (1). One can no longer Ronke animals as the gateway to a sexually active life. A final, and for many, long-awaited ban on having sex cross-slide on the basis that animals can not show consent, and that in practice is an assault. But the research on sex between species from Copenhagen Universitet2 made it clear that animals do not necessarily experience an action - like to lick a human vagina, which is only sexual, but rather social. There, suggests that sex with people within certain limits "not only can give the animals better enjoyment, but also give the animals a better life - because sex is a part of animal nature". Zoofile breathe a sigh of relief and cabins hands when they proclaim loudly that cows prefer to be penetrated vaginally than to be killed and eaten for dinner! Pets have become illegal bed mates, yes, but also partners, inspirations and best friends for the average Norwegian. People turn to animals with open arms, and N & D overhead for the faithful in the emotional and complex landscape, from stuffed animals live in perpetual fidelity through childlike voksenlek in animal roles, to pure sexual pleasure and love of people and animals in between.

1: The prohibition against bestiality was removed from the legislation in 1972 and resumed 1 January 2010.
2: From the article "Sex with animals - yes, why not?" (13/09/1910) on


Boy and Rabbit in perfect harmony.

Elisabeth Mølbach, animal interpreter /

How does the animal interpretation?
- You can talk with animals both up close with the beast, or the distance through photographs. I like nærsamtaler best. Then either the animals to me, or I go home for the animal. When I saw the animals face I sit down with pen and paper, and let the beast speak through me. My inner voice, the one I hear inside my head when I'm discussing with myself, will be replaced with the animal's voice. Often I feel emotions or physical pain, psychological states of mind, or experience to watch, in a way "daydream" that I receive from the animals. Also, I describe what I feel, see, feel and hear down on my paper. Can you talk to any animal? - Yes, I can. All of them I have had the opportunity to communicate with anyway, but some are better at making themselves understood than others. I have communicated with everything from hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and dogs to livestock, burfugler, turtles and a type of iguana. Animals have feelings just as much as what we have. They may like each other and resent each other. They can love and get the heartbreak of being separated from those they are fond of whether a human or another animal.
Do animals notable personalities - Absolutely! And it is one of the most important aspect of animal call. The owner knows his animal again, that I have spoken rightly "person". I think that everyone who owns an animal or know more animals, have also noticed that they have different personality. Several animal species disadvantage in relation to us is that they do not have a lot of fine or ugly facial expressions can tell that they are happy or in pain, but this does not mean they do not have feelings. We humans are in fact only one kind of animal we. We should not overestimate ourselves, or underestimate the animals.
Do you feel that animals and humans have different barriers - I often find that animals have performance anxiety. They will not continue in the exercise or do poorly in competition because of nerves, others will be extra stringent when it really matters.
Can animals and children are compared in terms of openness or "naivete" - I often feel that the animals are at about the same mental age as children in the three-to six-year age.
Have you met any animals that have conveyed something about sexual experiences or sexual arousal with people / owners - No. This I have not experienced. Not sexually. It becomes more like a child again, they want to be kind to his owner and show their affection, but not courtship or other sexual advances. The closest I've come such a thing is the animals who say that they feel their owner is beautiful, and that they look forward to see how they look even without clothes. But this is again not sexually, but more a recognition. So when the animals say that they like to see naked owner, it is rather that they actually like to see how we really look like. When a dog Bobby on your leg, this is more an expression of trying to dominate you, than an expression of something sexual. When dogs smell people in the crotch, there is nothing sexual about this, it's such a dog does to get to know each other. I asked my own dog once why she did this and why dogs always do it on each other, I got the answer: "I have to know what the other dog eat anything." Thus, ass smell your tell something about your wealth but also the ails you something, if you are ill change the scent, and one wishes not a morbid makeover?

What is it that appeals to us to live hand-in-paw? Is there an option for lack of human contact? Are animals simply better than us? Meet Erlend Nikolaus Falck, a tjuetreåring from Holmlia running expensive ways for a slightly different relationship.

When did you start to look at rabbits as friends rather than your pet?

Erlend: EJA, which I got from my girlfriend in 2008, I got a great connection with the early and looked at her as my best friend since. I care very much about her. If she hurt my land goes under, in a way. She senses when I'm sad and hastens to give me consolation. I have three rabbits, and all means sooo much to me. Every day I enjoy them for many hours - the more I want them to have the best possible life before they die. I enjoy so much with the rabbits that I've got a special agreement with Kolbotn Pet Shop.


Erlend: When rabbits are born, babies rabbit supplies I finished "innkoste" to the pet shop. It puts the much appreciated since many of the breeders just looking at rabbit babies as money. See there! Now the pair they were! Kaninmor tend to rape his daughter all day long. I can not keep them separate. But after the rape, they are friends again.

Why do you have tattooed a portrait of a rabbit on his hand?

Erlend: A baby picture of EJA, so I can take her with me everywhere I go, and that I can see her whenever I want. I want more too - but perhaps not of rabbits. It is a bit much, even though they are incredibly beautiful animals. Personally, I prefer dwarf rabbits, since they live longer and have up ears. Hanging ears are not as nice.

Agree. Why are animals better than humans?

Erlend: The rabbits are friends that makes me enjoy - something I do not expect that the other my mates do. They understand me. When treating their animals well, they build up a trust that other people do not have. But I could never have developed a friendship with the dogs, for example. Cats, however, are nice animals. The only thing is that they are so independent that it does not get much time to enjoy since they are always out and about on their own. Rabbits, however, is sweet and social burdyr. I like animals better than humans, mainly because people are evil and mistreat defenseless animals.

Do you trust people who do not love animals?

Erlend: No. Not that I think all people who do not like animal abuse them, but people who do not like animals tend to treat them very much worse.

Do rabbits notable personalities?

- Oh yes. Especially mine. EJA is hyper, happy and need to be near me all the time, while her mother, Cassie, is just cuddly. Kendra, named after playboybunnien course, is the smartest of them. Kendra understand what I say when I talk to her, and follow commands. In addition, she avenges himself on me when I tease her. One time she bit over eight lines when I had patted her too fast. But she regrets afterwards, so she is not totally shameless. She is totally reckless and most sexy.

Kendra understand what I say when I talk to her ... She is totally reckless and most sexy.


Erlend: She has something diabolical about it, yes.

Turning on her?

Erlend: No, absolutely not. It could not have fallen to me to have sex with my rabbits. I have women, who otherwise love animals too. My girlfriend has two rabbits and a guinea pig, and like enough animals better than humans too. We enjoy a lot with the rabbits when we are together, and we've even added a playground for the rabbits together. And a kind of house with two floors so they will live well.


Skin Balls * day, furries at night.

Sometimes it is easier to communicate with others when you do not have a face. Not a human face, in any case. We have met Hanna "Nifelin" Duna and "Leo", two Norwegian "furries" which takes on the animal's fur and cat personality of Adam and Eve costume.

* People who do not dress up like animals

A furry described as a man of great interest in anthropomorphic animals, and has a like a personal kind of animal they identify with. Animal identity is produced through a "fursona", ie an animal costume / character. Fursuitere go with full costumes, while some choose to only have partials (for example, only paws and tail). The most common fursona-animals are wolves, foxes and cats. More fursonas are mythological animals like sheep with horns, grifler, dragons and unicorns, or cartoon characters. There are tens of thousands of furries globally, but only 330 are registered in the Norwegian forum It's about as many furries in Norway that it is only in Newcastle

anthropomorphic / anthropomorphic - Some non-human that has human aspects. Among the furs, the word is mainly used for animals that have a partial human form, typically they walk on two legs and can use his front paws like hands. It is also used on animals who only speak and act like people without having a human-like form, such as the Simba in The Lion King.
furmeet - A public and open meeting held between several furs. fursona - The furry character, or the personal animal species to a person. Example: "My fursona is a slacker teenager with magical powers and a dark past."
fursuit - Pet Costume. tousled - Another Norwegian slang for the furry, is also used in a similar manner. Example: "Are you a tousled", "The previous tousled meeting was very fun!"


Are you in character when you have the fursuit?

Nifelin: If you are in fursuit never takes off his head in public. We are talking about breaking the illusion, which is petty done, especially in front of children. Take Pooh outside Parliament. He's not a furry, as many believe, because he takes off his head and smokes Sigg. As far as I know he's not Winnie the Pooh's identity either. One should maintain the character, the whole point of being fursuit is to accept a different and very open way to show their identity. Because it's really just a big in life-RPG. It is in an easier to communicate with others when you do not have a face.

Is it to be "another" the most important? Or is it the contact with animals?

Leo: The essence is the choice of which animal you are - that what we recognize themselves in. You get a completely different person, I mean animals, when you step up to the suite. What ideals are for the animal? What I feel? How will I be perceived?
Nifelin: For many it is a big part of being a group. In the media we often portrayed in a negative light and made fun of. People often are attracted by the kink or art piece. YOU are suddenly the norm. You are the rare deadly skin ball late. We in the flock must have a place to belong. Humans are the pack animals.

Why are you cats?

Leo: Although I am lion, because I feel like a lion. I am a dominant alpha male, loyal and make sure the herd. I identify with cats because they are intelligent, and my cat was the only one who was there for me when my mom died and dad moved.
Nifelin: I also shared much of my childhood with a cat, since we lived in a desolate place without someone else to play with. Fursonaen my Nifelin, identity is a cat because I have always had a fondness for cats, I recognize myself in them, both in response patterns and their independence. When I'm fed up with people I can escape.

Are you being bullied?

Nifelin: There are many sarcastic comments from adults that suggests roughly the kink part: "I did not know that it was normal to vent her sex toy" and so on. It is a delight to be greeted with disgust. Many active fursuit would really just out and enjoy the people, who live by the smiles of young children running around and are sweet and friendly. The last thing we want is to scare them.

You become a completely different person, I mean animals, when you step on your suite.

Why is the furry phenomenon as taboo if it's just nice role on a par with Star Trek?

Nifelin: Googler to Islam, you are terrorists. Googler furries you'll get it vulgar and kinky.
Leo: I have been a closet homosexual and skapfurry since 2006 - mostly because of my career, and because of that it is difficult to explain to people. Furries are people like everyone else, that dress out to have fun. Not all furries have a suit, many will not have one either. Many people think we are that Jehovah's Witnesses or Smith's friends, that we live outside of society and is weird. Okay: Nifelin a bartender. I used to work in the defense. A buddy sitting in cash at Kiwi. One is the watchman at Oslo S. Two are police officers. According to my employer, I am a heterosexual man-A4. I was voted most workplace A4-man. The other two were married with two children and Volvo, hehe. It's probably because I am Catholic.

Or kattolikk, in your case ...

Nifelin: Håhåhåhåhå! Ahahahaha! It was very funny. You're one of us already!

Hehe. It must then be an insult to all rufsepurrister. How kinky are you?

Nifelin: I see NADA sexy to have a full fur suit. One is just sweet.
Leo: Kink section is mainly among gays men with tailor-made fursuit with SLOTS where the end is near. Some have it as a full-blown lifestyle, with dyretatoveringer and running in gay parade. It is a majority of men Standing out here.

BED Kösen

"Maiken" choose a golden Labrador over a tanned hunk.

Largest zoofile forum Beastsex Norway was shut down by authorities early in 2004, just two years after launch. In the wake of the closure occurred soon a new and smaller community, ZooNorge, whose members are lower than ever after the new ban at the start of last year. We talked with an atypical female, "Maiken".

A paraphilias where one is sexually attracted to animals. Ignition pattern occurs often in which human alternatives do not exist, and dogs are the most common animal. In Norway, there are hardly any statistics about paraphilias, but the founder of the largest bestiality forum Beastsex Norway estimated that there are around ten thousand zoofile in the country in an interview with The Journal in March 2011. Many zoofile is more about love than sex, and many are more concerned with satisfying than the animal itself. A majority are regularly involved in animal welfare work and never have sexual intercourse with animals. Separate designations bestiality and zoosadisme refers to sexual (mis) treatment of animals, often triggered by a desire to harm them.

When did you start to rekindle sexual animal?

- I was probably fourteen or fifteen years old when I saw some pictures of girls having sex with dogs and felt I had to try something similar myself.

Which (t) animals fantasize about?

- It's mostly dogs and horses. I've always dreamed of being caught from behind by a large Rottweiler or Great Dane while strangers watch. In reality, however, I have never had sex with animals in front of someone else. There is too much and personally. But I think horses are beautiful animals and masculine. Very big. Have you seen a horse stiff?

Yes, actually.

- Then you know what I'm talking about. But to be penetrated by a horse's dangerous, in that stallions are not exactly the tenderest lovers. Spraying it, you are razed to the stall floor. Have you seen that movie with the man who gets it in the ass by a big horse? Suddenly the horse too eagerly, and are fatal far into it. Oh, God.

And even after seeing this film you fantasize about being penetrated by a horse?

- I would perhaps have chosen a slightly less pony, but it will probably be with your imagination. I would not subject me to such a life-threatening situation.

What is your orientation in relation to humans?

- With the people I'm heterosexual. I'm a normal girl of 26, originally from Buskerud with type, friends and work. Driver with music and moving abroad in the fall to study.

What animals have you had sex with?

- Essentially, I have had sex with dogs, perhaps because of their availability. But I gave oral sex to calve, and been licked by a cat. Most people are other animals that I borrow and I know well, but the first sexual partner, my family was our dog, a beautiful golden Labrador. We had a pretty intense love affair, until he died when I was twenty.

My condolences. What kind of relationship do you have for animals versus humans?

- It is of course different from having sex with a human and an animal, but it's the same pleasure when one comes. I'm going faster with animals because they light me more ... I feel more left in the animals than in humans. Animals are easier to communicate with, they are open and have no prejudices. I feel they understand me better. It is a kind ties I can not find with people.

I'm going faster with animals because they light me more


- I can use as a sexual: When I was younger I did not know how I would "use" the clitoris, and I used to encourage my dog ​​to go deeper inside me instead of staying around the surface. When I was about to get met me in his short but hard lick on the clit. He knew what he should do. After sex he used to lie to me so we could cuddle. I loved him very much. It is strange to think that my dog ​​taught me what the clitoris is - and not a man.

Ashamed of yourself?

- Like most other zoofile I have a very strong bond with animals - not necessarily sexual. They make me happy but it makes me sad that something I think is so beautiful is taboo. I understand that people think that there is abuse, but I'd never had sex with an animal that would not. Taboo makes me struggle with the idea of ​​having transparency with friends and family around the theme, and I have yet to tell anyone about it outside the forum.

Animals are often very loyal to people and therefore very easy to exploit. Is it having sex with humans a part of the animal instincts?

- It's true, but it is not difficult to understand whether the animal is willing. A dog will bark or growl or just run away if it will not. Some animals are more sexual than others, just as with humans. The first dog I had was extremely sexual, and it showed with great enthusiasm that it loved to have sex with me by taking the initiative. I have used liver pate beneath that dogs should be interested, yes, but it will of course be wrong about the dog look at your genitals as food. Then you should not do it. It may do very bad too. Do you like animals too? Since you are doing and ask about this?

I like animals, but do not know with liver paste anymore ... A year ago it was illegal to have sex with animals in Norway. What do you think of the new legislation?

- I have mixed feelings about the subject. For me, sex with animals very natural, and a large part of my sex life, and I feel the more that I do not forgriper me on the animal. I did not actually with me the new law before this year, and it has certainly made me more nervous to be open about it.

What do you think of when you have sex with dogs?

- I listen. The worst that can happen is that I am being detected.
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