Sayh Panduck (sayh) wrote in furrymedia,
Sayh Panduck

Furry Interview in "Natt og Dag", not a good impression.

"Natt and Dag" is a free, paid-by-ads newspaper in Norway, distributed in stores and pubs and stuff. It is in the "sensationalist!" segment. They did, of course, not go public to furries about wanting to interview us, but found two furs who felt they could represent the entire fandom.

It goes as it must go. The front page has the somewhat loosely translated title "AniMal placed love - Furries & Bestiality " (where the first word was a combo of malplaced (misplaced) and animal...).

It has created great disturbance in the furce in Norway.

The article was online, but it appears to have been taken down now. Though, whatever damage is done, is done. Fortunately, not too many people take this magazine seriously. But it upsets me that some furries feel they should take it on themselves to represent the fandom, specially furs who have not been around very long.


Scan of the article is here:

It is in norwegian, though.
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