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Congressman Furry? 1st District Oregon?

There a local scandal concerning the mental fitness of David Wu 1st district Oregon. I am in the 1st distinct Oregon. The issue started over resignation of his staffers and erratic behavior during the last campaign. Thanks to a local news story in Willamette Week and a comment tagged Wu being closet a furry.  A local talk radio show host had contacted uncle kage for a comment The Like to his journal is here.   

I am from the 1st Congressional district in Oregon. I cannot say I voted for him. I did volunteer for one out of the two credible Republican challengers to Wu. I was a Republican Precinct person. Sadly, most years we had no candidate running. (I sat out 2010 because I was disenchanted poor performance in campaigning and unemployment.) His costume is much ado about nothing.
The Willamette Week story tell a lot

"According to multiple sources, Wu went instead to Ping, a nearby restaurant for lunch. Only after he left Ping did those staffers stage the first “intervention,” an emotional meeting that spanned several hours during which staffers told the congressman they were worried about his health.

With Halloween approaching the Sunday before the Tuesday election, sources now tell WW that campaign aides had advised Wu not to dress in any costume that could potentially embarrass him.

(He was expected to face a close contest.) They worried, too, that a goofy getup could provide fodder for last-minute campaign attacks from Cornilles, Wu’s well-financed Republican opponent. The issue arose after Wu told staffers about a Halloween party he had wanted to attend with family and friends.

What follows here is a series of early-morning email messages from Wu’s BlackBerry to multiple staffers sent on the early hours of Saturday, Oct. 30.

The emails do not offer a definitive account of why Wu’s aides fled the congressman’s office in significant numbers just after his sixth successful re-election campaign. They do reveal that Wu’s staffers apparently had confronted the congressman about his drinking. They also suggest Wu faced accusations of harassment from his employees—and that Wu wasn’t eager to listen to any of the advice. Wu, through a spokesman, wouldn't respond to specific questions about the written content of the emails.

At 1:03 am PST on Saturday, Oct. 30, an email from Wu’s Congressional BlackBerry landed in the inbox of a female staffer. The congressman—who splits his time between Washington, D.C., and Oregon—was then in Portland.

There was no message attached to the email, only a single image. That photo, copied above, showed Wu in a plush tiger suit with orange- and black-striped mittens over his hands, a hood with pointy ears pulled over his head and a white circle split by a zipper stretched over his stomach. A seemingly red-faced Wu is sitting on a bench in what appears to be a bedroom, with his hands held in the air. A spokesman, Erik Dorey, today called the photo a private moment between family members. He further described the photo as "David Wu joshing around with his kids the day before Halloween."

Nineteen minutes later, at 1:22 am PST, a second email from Wu’s official email address went to multiple Wu staffers under the subject line “not funny.”"

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