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x-post from fursuitlounge: History of fursuiting

Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone here can identify the earliest instance of fursuiting, namely before ConFurence 0 (1989). I'm writing (for a class final project) a historical analysis of media fandom that compares the treatment of media and fiction by furries to the treatment of media by science/speculative fiction fans, and I wanted to identify how and when fursuiting became not only a common feature to furry get-togethers but also a cottage industry that, like most of the fandom, remains unadopted or uncatered towards by the larger costume manufacturing industry that, at the least, caters to the speculative and anime fandoms.

The problem is that Confurence 0, the first furry convention to take place, already had a Furry Costuming track, so I'm assuming that the furry parties held by the Rowrbrazzle APA and the C/FO at San Diego Comic Con in 1985/86 were where furry costuming was first adopted as a fandom activity?

Anyway, thanks for any replies in advance. Someone else asked a similar question to in 2008 and couldn't get a definitive answer, but I'm primarily looking for general views from active and veteran fursuiters on how far back you all think it goes.

EDIT Relevant to this community: Any references from historical sources (fanzines, con reports, etc.) would be nice.

EDIT 2: I'm using this article as a jumping off point, much of which is derived from this article by Fred Patten.

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