crucifox (crucifox) wrote in furrymedia,

JOPcast: Round 2

It was months ago that I first appeared on two local Wichita comedian brothers' podcast, Jews-of-the-Plains-Cast, or JOPcast. I finally returned. I can tell by the amazing reaction to my original post to this group (I think somebody actually read it, even!) that you all are waiting for this with baited breath.

I'm "Brenden Ketchell," (so totally mispelled my name I can put it here and still feel reasonably anonymous), so, there you go. Last one I appeared on was the "Live @ The Loony Bin" one down the page, if you missed that.

It's a comedy cast, so it kind of goes all over the place. I have no idea how "bad" or "good" it was for the fandom, but I do know it has its funny moments, and that was my goal.
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