kaibab (kaibab) wrote in furrymedia,

Disney's Sonny with a Chance with Pauly the Polar Bear

My kids were watching Sonny with a Chance last night and they had an episode about "Pauly" who is a polar bear mascot with a kids TV show.  There were a couple of references to furries, or at least those who like dressing up as mascots.  The teacher who dates the individual inside the Pauly suit referred to him as "the other furry man in my life" (her pet cat being the first) and the juice bar they all meet in at the end was called "Plush".  The wait staff at the bar all wore mascots.  There were lots of references to sweaty, smelly costumes and questions as to why anyone would put one on.

Anyway I sat and watched it and I was entertained.  Nothing malicious in it.  Here is a link I found on youtube.  The episode was entitled The Problem with Pauly


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