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Dear Margo column: "When Your Ears Are Part of Your Outfit"

No one seems to have picked this one up, so I thought I'd send it in.

A letter-writer asks Margo Howard about the etiquette of wearing cat ears (scroll down to the second letter) to the wedding of a bride who requested they not be worn. Margo enthusiastically gives her a green light; numerous commenters chastise the writer for doing something "childish" and "disrespectful."

The letter-writer is never explicitly identified as a furry, and doesn't allude to a love for animals (anthropomorphic or otherwise) beyond her habit of wearing this tiger-ear headband that her husband had given her years before. Given that the wearing of ears is closely associated with our fandom, however---a fact that did not escape some of the commenters---I believe this column is relevant.

(For my part, I suspect she is in fact a furry, but left out that bit of context to avoid falling down a rabbit hole explaining the fandom.)
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